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Artists Delegation to the USA

Reart - Rehovot - Minneapolis

Travel to the United States, part of an artist delegation, in cooperation with the Jewish Agency

An annual project, an original work of art and a re-creation of it by the artists participating in the project

They searched for artists from Rehovot, a friend tagged me on Facebook, interviews, and finally got selected among 3 other digital artists

The artists in Minnesota underwent a similar process simultaneously

English please

I express comfortably (speaks and writes) in Hebrew & English

My site is written in Hebrew and most of it is translated into English, except for the blog

The friends in Minnesota asked for translation, here are some words about the journey through my eyes

Photo exhibition in the United States & Israel

Each artist is required to present an original work, the other artists give the work their version - a new adaptation - inspired by the original work

Three artist from Rehovot, two artists from St. Paul and one from Minneapolis

Each artist presented an original work

The works should connect science, art and Judaism. Six original works, each of which is reworked and interpreted differently from all the artists

Thirty-six works will be presented at the end of the process, which will be displayed in an exhibition at Minnesota, USA, as well as an art exhibition in Rehovot

The spoon and cherry,  sculpture garden, photo by Pazit Assouline

The spoon and cherry, sculpture garden, photo by Pazit Assouline

Artistic activity for the Jewish community

A long flight, jet lag that lasts all week, long and busy days

We started at a school - Agamim, public school, does not cost anything to parents - unlike private schools in the US that will cost about $ 15,000 for a year of studies

The second language students is Hebrew instead of Spanish or Chinese in other schools

Hebrew on the walls, in the classrooms, paintings and photographs from Israel

At eight in the morning you see Asian children, Afro-Americans, and others singing in Hebrew.

We have done artistic activities with the children, which are designed to strengthen the connection and the positive status of Israel

We have prepared content and creative activities, depending on the age of the children, frameworks decorated by the children with Israeli symbols, around Independence Day

A great achievement for the Israeli / Jewish community in Minnesota to introduce Hebrew into a second language, especially in a US where Spanish is spoken everywhere

Most of the meetings were within the Jewish community, except for a special meeting in the church with the Christian community. We presented them with the art project

We received compliments and love

The following activities took place in various activities in the Jewish community in Minnesota and St. Paul from preparing artistic activities with children with disabilities, Young children and adults in schools and groups in nursing homes

All of them underwent artistic activities in connection to Israel

Creative activity with the children, photo by Pazit Assouline

Creative activity with the children, photo by Pazit Assouline

Hand in hand & heart to heart

Connecting people with people, in an elderly home

Understanding that everyone wants good pictures no matter what their physical condition / age

I photographed a men in a wheelchair, cute

He looks at the picture and says: Why am I wearing an apron

He was not aware that he had an apron on for a few hours. Take a picture of me again without it

I took another pic of him with a huge smile

He looks at the picture and says: I am a hansom man

An old woman with a clip on her hair. I finished the activity and photographed her, she says amazed: Today she puts me a blue ribbon in my hair

Another beautiful lady: my hair is not tidy, comb me and photographers again - everyone wants to look good in the picture. the age is just a number

Another satisfied customer, in a nursing home Shalom

photo: Pazit Assouline

On the banks of the Mississippi

Between meetings we saw some endless landscapes and rivers, they have over 10,000 different lakes and lots of water in which we can only envy

Minnesota is very cold eight months of the year

The first few days were sunny and everyone was happy with the weather, and then the rain and the cold returned

The bridges of Minneapolis, photograph of Pazit Assouline

Rest on shabbat

The only day we really did not work was Saturday

We went out to the farmers' market in the morning, continued to the Museum of Modern Art, and from there we went to an art exhibition throughout the city

Large buildings filled with many rooms each exhibiting another artist

Talented people, paintings, photographs, sculptures, pottery and jewelry

We spent hours there, I could spend days there

In the night I went out for a photography session, long exposure in a cold whether with three coats,Two hats, gloves, shivering from cold, Kathy joined me, the rest claimed that we were crazy to get out in the rain

Kathy from Minnesota, reminding me that it was still spring, hours, in some outdoor locations, didn't feel like spring to me

in February they reach minus 40 degrees celsius , I was invited to return in the winter, I refused gracefully

The visit ended on Sunday, the late Independence Day celebrations

Lots of photographs mostly by David sherman and lots of workshops create good atmosphere

Independence Day events in Minnesota

Independence Day events in Minnesota

The journey was full of meaning

I met amazing people, a partnership from Israel that I could not have chosen better alone

I would like to say thank you, to Eilat, Rubin, Brenda and Gideon from the Jewish Agency for their support and care

Many thanks to Linda, Cathy and David who showed us Minnesota, opened there house & heart

Israeli artists

Pazit Assouline, Roni Schechber, Anatt Friedman

Minnesota artists

Linda Passon Mcnally, David Sherman, Cathy Tobias


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