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Business Portraits

Promotional photography is a company’s business card, Reflecting the people behind the business

 LinkedIn business Portraits | Professional videos

Personal promotional photography for social media & dating apps

Business portraits

Professional photography for the company website & LinkedIn

Promotional photography is a company’s business card, reflecting the people behind the business. Successful Pictures helps build a positive image professional promotion  & meet new people

Many companies have executive portraits, and some of them ordered portrait shoot for every employee in the company.

Pictures can be used for mail that reaches customer, on the company's website and in its marketing messages.

In order not to waste valuable work time we will establish an office Photo set, which includes wallpapers, suitable lighting, and of course cameras and professional photographer.


You can arrange a day of corporate photos for the business in advance,  schedule in advance, set time for each person, shorter for most employees

and longer time and privacy for the managers.


it is recommended to attach professional make up artist, short and quick makeup for both women and men will contribute to a professional look

Promotional photography for dating apps

Personal promotional photography for social media and dating apps

Professional photography for dating sites, Instagram and Facebook

Successful Photography helps build a positive image, advance professionally and meet new people

In the world of dating there is no need to explain on the importance of good photography for dating sites/app

We know new people in a variety of applications, all based on photographs,

When we are being  judges with thumb in the second right or left .... The Photos should reflect you at your best.

For this reason more and more people are turning to me for professional photography of profile and body pictures.

Take an hour to shoot in the studio or outside

open the door to more potential partners

Photography price list

Photography packages to choose from 

Price includes photography time as well as hours of filtering and processing images 


Photo Packs

Base 2 hours, 20 photos 1,100 NIS

Premium 4 hours, 55 photos 2,500 NIS

Photography day 8 hours, 110 photos 3,700 NIS


Promotional Video 
Video & Video Editing (Video Edit Up to 90 Seconds) + Subtitles + Customer Logo animation + Music 2,800 NIS

Additional time, 1 hour, 15  photos 760 NIS

All the photographs are processed professionally 

Payment by: credit card/ bank transfer /Cash / Bit app

Payment terms: 30% signing an agreement, 70% on the day of filming 

Price does not include VAT

What do you get?

Working with a smile, a pleasant day of photography

Upgrade your site photos & social networks 

You will get Photos in direct email link to download

High resolution photos for digital, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Raw materials will not be delivered

Quantity of photos, according to the selected package.

Processing is included in the price: light changes, contrast, colors and image size processing


The price does not include weight change/eye color/teeth/hair color 

Price refers to photography in Israel, between Ashdod and Hadera, other places will be priced separately according to distance 

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