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Pazit Assouline

Photographer |  Videographer

Specializing in Food Architecture & Portrait

Portrait photography

Producing promotional videos for businesses

Business portrait photography

Photos for LinkedIn

 Personal portrait photography 

to social networks and dating Apps

פזית אסולין צלמת

Food photography

 Visual concept for businesses in the food sector

Branding, consulting, photography & food styling


Culinary photography

 Atmospheric Photos & Videos for social networks 


Food photographer

Engaged in culinary productions for over a decade

comes from the culinary world

Catering, cooking, baking, styling and filming


Married, mother of three

 Degree in social science 1996, The Open University

 Pastry chef, Estella master class 2006


Photography studies Focus & Glitz photography schools ,2016 & many online courses and training

 Military service in the Medical Corps, 1994 


 Catering management Food photography, cooking, baking, design& marketing

 Decade in managing and establishing sales systems, for large companies

My work 

 affected by the desire to release a frame  

Visually beautiful and businesslike  

An artistic creation that strives for abundance

פזית אסולין צלמת

Photography exhibitions USA & Israel

Transatlantic creative Art project

Original Art works

Exhibitions were presented in the United States

and in Israel, details in my Blog

Travels a lot, in Israel and around the world

Inspiration, cultures smells and tastes
Cameras, lenses, tripods

In the past years I have visited Thailand

 USA, Europe and other stats such as Colombia to provide Culinary  counsel for a restaurant chain  
 as well as food photography 

And back to the USA for a delegation of artists 

and a photography exhibition in Minnesota

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