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Pregnancy Photography

Professional photography full with light

 empowering experience, smile & patience

Studio photography | at nature | at your home

Pregnancy Photography

Studio / nature / home photography

Pregnancy photography in Rehovot - you are invited to come to us for pregnancy photographs, studio photos, with different backgrounds, with various accessories, clothes & fabrics.

The outdoor garden is green and blooming, you can combine a photo with backgrounds & photos with olive trees

I will be happy to take pictures in beautiful places in nature, a beach or park close to where you live.

Pregnancy photos at home

 Sometimes there is no desire to leave the house. In the hot summer days, at the end of pregnancy, or if you do not feel comfortable taking pictures outdoors, your safe environment is a good solution. The studio is coming to you

Your family is invited

If this is not your first pregnancy and you want to put your kids in for family photography as well as your pregnancy photographs, you're



Partners, children, dogs, the more the better

Give you enough time to shoot the whole bunch


Who sees the photos?

It really depends on your requests. Some of the girls are proud of themselves and their bodies, want to show everyone, approve advertising. Immediate / Only after birth.

Some approve advertising only full-dress photos / do not approve advertising at all, want to leave their own images for their eyes only.


 Your photograph, your body, your rights. I will make sure to maintain it complete privat. Each customer signs a short photo agreement of several lines that specifies how long, how many pictures do you get & is it ok to post the pic.

  ?When is a good time

Pregnancy photography should be done during the most comfortable period of pregnancy, ideally between the weeks 30-34. For most women, the belly is already outside and looks beautiful.

Twins should be during 27-29 weeks.

Very thin women whose stomach comes out late may be after.

you can send me a photo with the belly in profile.


I can say that I took a picture of someone who gave birth the day after the shot, and the other one who came to shoot a week before her birth. If possible, try scheduling photos for 30-34 weeks. Take into account the photographer's schedules, it is best to order a few weeks earlier for the requested date.

Photography price list

Photography packages to choose from 

Price includes photography time as well as hours of filtering and processing images 


Photo Packs:

Base 2 hours, 20 photos 970 ₪

Premium 4 hours, 55 photos 1,850 ₪

Photography day 8 hours, 110 photos 3,550 ₪

Additional time, 1 hour, 15  photos 550 ₪

All the photographs are processed professionally 

Payment by: credit card/ bank transfer /Cash / Bit app

Payment terms: 30% signing an agreement, 70% on the day of filming 

Price does not include VAT

What do you get?

You will get Photos in my app and direct email link within 7 business days. Web gallery and direct link to download the photos 


Full-resolution photos for print and smaller resolution for Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.


The price reflects the time of photography & process time 

Raw materials will not be delivered 

Quantity of photos will be delivered according to the selected package


Pregnant girlfriend? partner?

buy her a lifetime memory. Pregnancy photography, beautiful and flattering photos, professional photography . A stunning experience in nature or in the studio. For more information, contact Pazit Assouline

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